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One common thread runs through everything Empire Management Inc. does, PERSONAL ATTENTION.

Attention to all the aspects of project delivery including attention to clients special needs as well as attention to local conditions that make each project unique. We show personal attention through the high quality services our project teams provide. Our hand picked teams consist of specialists with the knowledge and technical resources needed for efficient project delivery. 


Farhad Niami: Ph.D. - Vice President, Empire Management, Inc.

Jay Jayawardana: Ph.D. - Vice President, Empire Management, Inc.

Morris Sade: Ph.D. -Research Project Manager

Asghar Nazcmzadeh: Ph.D. - Research Project Manager

Charles Prejean PhD Candadate - Research Project Manager

Q1. Farhad Niami, Ph.D. - Vice President, Empire Management, Inc.
Name: Farhad Niami, Vice Pres. (E.M.I.), Director of Research

Education: Ph.D. Agricultural and Resource Economics, Oregon State University - 1987
M.A. Economics, University of Oregon -1981
B.A. Economics, National University of Iran -1979

Q2. Jay Jayawardana, Ph.D. - Vice President, Empire Management, Inc
Name: Jay Jayawardana, Vice Pres. (E.M.I), Assistant Director of Research

Education: Ph.D. Agricultural Economics, Louisiana State University - 1988
M.S. Agricultural Economics, Louisiana State University - 1983
B.A. Geography, University of Ceylon - 1964

Dr. Jay Jayawardana is a specialist in financial and economic evaluation of port investments and transportation policy analysis. He has more than 20 years of experience in port management, marine terminal operations, planning, and transportation policy analysis. He has published and prepared many technical reports and papers. Experience gained in various port assignments provides him unique abilities in port investment analysis. He held senior management positions in public service in Sri Lanka and was responsible for planning food marketing and distribution logistics at the national level for many years. As a consultant to the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, Dr. Jayawardana developed and implemented a benefit-cost methodology to evaluate projects under the Louisiana Port Commission and Development Priority Program. During the last seven years he has evaluated more than 120 capital investment projects totaling more than $200 million under this program for port infrastructure development. He was a member of the technical committee that developed Louisiana State- wide Intermodal Planning Study in 1996.

Q3. Morris Sade, Ph.D. -Research Project Manager
Name: Morris Sade (Research Project Manager)

Education: Ph.D. Environment, Soil & Water Resources Engineering, University of Illinois 1989
M.S. Environment and Water Resources Engineering, University of Arizona - 1981
B.S. Water Resources Engineering, University of Tabriz (Iran) - 1971

Dr. Morris Sada is a professional Engineer and a registered Professional Hydrologist certified by the American Institute of Hydrology. He has extensive experience in water resources and environmental engineering, planning and management. His diverse and multi-disciplinary education in Civil/Agricultural engineering and his professional experiences in the United States and overseas makes him one of the prominent international engineer's in the field of water resources and environmental technology. He is listed in the International Who's Who of Professionals. Dr. Sade has published and prepared many technical reports and papers. He has an established knowledge and practical experiences in physical and environmental aspects of Surface and Groundwater Technology. He also has a broad background in computer modeling and simulation techniques for GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and designs of hydrologic and hydraulic design.

Q4. Asghar Nazcmzadeh, Ph.D. - Research Project Manager
Name: Asghar Nazcmzadeh (Research Project Manager)

Education: Ph.D. Economics, Florida State University - 1983
M.A. Economics, University of Houston - 1978
B.A. Economics, Pahlavi University - 1972

Dr. Nazcmzadeh is the Economics Coordinator at the University of Houston-Downtown and oversees the Finance, Accounting, and Computer Information Systems (FACIS). Since 1981 Dr. Nazemzadeh has served as a teaching instructor of economics at Louisiana State University, Florida State University, Southeastern Louisiana University and the University of Houston-Downtown. The subjects he has taught include Principles of Economics, Money and Banking, Intermediate and Graduate Micro/Macro Economics, International Economics, Business Fluctuations and Forecasting, Managerial Economics and Public Finance Comparative Economic Systems. He has published and prepared many (more than 50) technical reports and papers.

Q5.Charles Prejean,Sr. Research Project Manager Name: Charles Prejean, Sr. (Research Project Manager)

Education: Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science, Atlanta University (Present)
M.A. Political Science, Atlanta University (Atlanta, Georgia) 1976
B.A. Humanities, University of Southwestern, Louisiana (Lafayette, La.)1963

Mr. Prejean has enjoyed a diverse experience throughout his career. He has served as Southern Cluster Director for the Corporation for National Service. As a White House (President Clinton) appointee, Mr. Prejean provided supervisory, management and representational Responsibilities over programs and personnel in ten states. He has also served as Director of the Mayors Office of Education (Atlanta, Georgia) and visiting Professor, University of Notre Dame, Indiana (Department of Government). As Assistant Professor at Xavier University of New Orleans, La., Mr. Prejean served as Director of the Institute for Social, Economic, and Political Studies (Drexel Center for Extended Learning). Consultant assignments have included work for the Office of the President of the Atlanta city council; Atlanta Municipal court, Southeastern Consortium for Minorities in engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology; and National Center for Appropriate Technology. Mr. Prejean is widely known for his success in serving as Executive Director of the Federation of Southern Cooperatives, a regional (11 states) rural socioeconomic development corporation. He developed a regional service program and its corresponding organizational structure, created a 10-year financial plan for the programmatic and administrative support, including $10 million for programmatic and administrative support and an additional $40 million in debt and equity capital for the members' businesses.

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