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District 44 Concerns

Issues and Concerns:

As with any geographic area, District 44 has unique issues and challenges. There are also broader issues that need to be addressed by elected representatives.

District 44 Concerns:

  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Transportation and Development Infrastructure
  • Housing
  • Safe Neighborhoods
  • Economic Development
  • Urban Design and Land Use
  • Art and Cultural Resource
Listening to citizens of District 44 affirms my belief that we all agree on the problems facing us, however, the real issue of this race is getting results.  I know that the job of the representative is not to just identify problems, but to alleviate the barriers that impede growth and well-being. 
I want to be the impetus for the political effort to grow District 44 and help create a quality of life all can share and be proud of.  I am committed to working with others who want to be pro-active in ushering in a new vision that will benefit the children, elders, and everyone in District 44. As I have always done, I will empower the voices of District 44 and represent YOU in doing what's really important ... achieving results.

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